A project born from the common passion of three guys, Roberto, David and Federico.
In a little city, of the middle italy, the trio start producing music together, and dreaming about music.
Between them, there was an immediate harmony that prompted them to chase the dream.
Shoden ,as a project, comes to life in 2015; immediately received great supports from big names of the music scene including Justin Prime, John Dahlback, Simon De Jano and Jose De Mara to name few.
The first single “Tengu” released by Istmo Music entered the #4 position among the top 10 singles of the label and, the second single, “Ziqqurat” released by the Spanish Arcadia Records, has been supported by Simon De Jano, HIIO, Sevag, Vigel, Jose De Mara, Mr Thomas, Zakfreestyler and many others.
“Ziqqurat” in the first days of 2016 has joined the top ten tracks of Arcadia Records.Will be a great year for Italian trio, already at work, planning the next several releases.