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Biggest collab ever! Lumberjack, Nicola Fasano, Point Blvnk, JuicyTrax, MickMag, JustBob, Kirill Slepuha, TAAMY, Cosmo&Skoro, Eitro, EdShock & Deviz Bang, Misha Kitone, K.S.Y., Rocket Fun, Ikra, Falko Niestolik, Steve Wish & Samsation, Luke DB, Stylezz, Frederik Abas, Alan Belini, Alex Byrne, C. Todd Nielsen, Katrin, Thimlife, Akade, DJ Anny, Raven&Kreyn, Sean Finn, Peter Bond, DBN, Mark Bale

Without a doubt one of the most stunning compilation of collabs we ever see just came into our ears. Check this monster out! COLLAB BRO!? FA SHEEZY!