Top House Music Remixes of Hip Hop Songs

Top House Music Remixes of Hip Hop Songs

Here’s a list of some unreleased top house music remixes of popular hip hop and R&B songs.


1. Joker – Paper Planes (unreleased remix of MIA)

2. DJ Sandy – A Milli A Milli A Milli (unreleased remix of Lil Wayne)

3. DJ Sandy – Fuck The Police (unreleased remix of NWA)

4. DJ Kue – Got Your Money (unreleased remix of ODB)

5. Electro Squad – In The Ayer (unrleased remix of Flo Rida)

6. Joey B – Jump Jump Around (unreleased remix of House Of Pain)

7. DJ Kue – E-40 Wake It Up (unreleased remix of E-40 and Akon)

8. Phreaky Phantom – American Boy (unreleased remix of Estelle ft. Kanye West)

9. Phreaky Phantom – Burnin Up (unreleased remix of R Kelly)

10. D-No – Closer (unreleased remix of Ne-Yo)

11. House Daddiez – Get It Shawty Deep Inside (unreleased electro house remix of Lloyd)

12. AlterMood – Freak You (unreleased tribal house remix of Jodeci)

13. BoothPimp – Get Silly (unreleased electro house remix of Soulja Boy)

14. DJ Denco – Pass The Dutch-(Dj Denco-vs-Missy Elliot) (unreleased tribal house remix)

15. DJ Denco – Get Your Freak On-(electrified) (unreleased electro house remix of Missy Elliot)

16. DJ Sandy – GET LOLLI LOLLI (unreleased electro house remix of Three 6 Mafia)

17. Electro Squad – Snoop Sensual (Electro Mix) (unreleased electro house remix of Snoop Dogg)

18. FnDannyBoy – Bring The Pull Over (unreleased electro house remix of Public Enemy)

19. FnDannyBoy – Raw Flow Notorious (unreleased house remix of Notorious BIG)

20. FnDannyBoy – Method Man (Keep Feedin’ FnDannyBoy Remix) (unreleased house remix of Wu Tang Clan)

21. THE BEATFREAKZ – Juicy Krack (unreleased electro house remix of Notorious BIG)

22. THE BEATFREAKZ – 99 Parties (unreleased electro house remix of Jay Z)

23. Timmy Matrixx & Dappa Don – Cassie-Me & U (unreleased house remix of Cassie)

24. Timmy Matrixx & Dappa Don – Lil’ Wayne-Lollipop (unreleased progressive house remix of Lil Wayne)

25. Joey B – Mama Said Knock U Out (unreleased remix of LL Cool J)


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