Custom iPhone Apps for Musicians and DJs

Custom iPhone Apps for Musicians and DJs


Custom Apps For DJs


Social Media on your custom iphone app
Keep Your Fans Updated

Social Media Homepage

Let your users save time by being 1 click away from all your updates. Connect your fans with your social media efforts right on the homepage of your app. You work hard updating your facebook status, tweeting updates, and editing videos… don’t make your users work hard too.

Video streaming on your iphone app
Entertain And Engage


Let fans watch videos of your performances, or personal messages. Sync your YouTube account/channel and your fans can watch streaming videos right in your app. Upload any photos you want. Your fans will get to check ’em out in your very own gallery.

Music on your custom iPhone app
Showcase And Sell Your Music


Showcase your music and let your users jam out. Got a new mix coming out? Easily promote it and get feedback from your most loyal fans! Add full tracks and even link so they can purchase tracks they like. You’ve worked hard on your music. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling it on iTunes, Amazon, or even CD Baby. We’ll direct your fans to get you more sales. Nothing changes, we just provide another avenue for you to get heard (and paid).

Promote your events on your iphone app.
Sell Out Events


Announce your upcoming gigs, sell tickets, and give directions. You can even add pictures, flyers, etc.

Your bio on your iphone app
Connect On A Personal Level

Bio, History, About Us

Tell fans your story, include a bio, and fill them in them in on how you got to where you are now.

Drive traffic to you store via your iphone app.
Drive Traffic And Revenue To Your Store


Easily link your fans to your current e-commerce / online shop. They’ll be directed right to it without ever leaving the app.

Increase your subscribers via your iphone app.
Increase The Number Of Subscribers To Your Mailing List

Mailing List

We all know mailing lists are one of the best ways to engage your die-hard fans. Let them easily signup – right in your app.

Get more gigs via your iphone app.
Get More Gigs And Network

Contact Info

Provide promoters and venues easy access to your booking information and/or management team.

Unite fans via your iphone app.
Unite Fans


Fans can share their comments about your music, your events, and their experiences.

Links via your iphone app.
Drive Traffic To All Your Online Efforts


Easily link to any website that you currently use. This includes your official website, a blog if you have one, etc. You can link to your sites or you can promote your friends. Users will be connected right in your app.

Your residencies via iphone app.
Feature Current And Past Residencies


Boost your reputation… tell the world where you’ve played and were you are playing now.

Word of mouth via your iphone app.
Harness The Power Of Word Of Mouth Marketing

Street Team

Word of mouth is the best form of marketing. Connect with your street team and ask them to help your promote. If you don’t have one, now is a perfect time to start one.

Podcasts via your iphone app.
Get Your Fans Their Daily Dose Of Goodness


Podcasts are a great way for DJs to put out new music. Sync with your iTunes Podcast or Link directly and users can download in 1 click.

Add donations to your iphone app.
Encourage Goodwill With Donations


You’re lucky. You spin records, inspire people to dance, and make them happy. Others aren’t so lucky. You can help make the world a better place by adding a donations page to your app.

Additional features for your iphone app.
Premium Additions

Additional Features

You can customize your app to suite pretty much any need, but if you want to add something that is even more unique to your app we can do that too. You can start with an AppFlight app, get your mobile presence going, and add premium features later (or) start with a completely premium build.

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